Early Bedtime

This month has been a tale of two bedtimes. Over a nine-day stretch earlier this month, I was out after the kids went to bed five times: once for our couples' small group Bible discussion, once for a wedding, once for a church leadership meeting, once for two business events back-to-back, and once for a client meeting. Not coincidentally, I was sick the entire time.

Since then, I have gone to bed to read right after the kids go to bed, and am asleep less than an hour later. And this will be my MO for the next several days, with World Series games being taped to be watched the next morning. Every once in a while, I can get away with being out late; but I am realizing my body and mind are best served if I make sure I get my quiet reading time and my sleep time.

Now, should the Phils win the World Series at some point in the next few days, you'll hear about 1.5 million fans yell out simultaneously at around midnight on that glorious day. And, a few hours later, if you're up early enough, you might make out one lonely voice join in the chorus.

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