A Day in the Life

Snippets from yesterday in the Huang family:

* Lee attended a green infrastructure summit in the morning, had lunch with his pastor, and in the afternoon was among a handful of Philadelphians presenting to a Louisiana state senator and New Orleans mayoral candidate and his traveling companions.

* Aaron stayed home from school and got a morning at the Please Touch Museum with Amy, followed by Big Macs at a nearby McDonald's, followed by a much-needed nap, followed by leisurely TV watching.

* And Jada had her first field trip at her new pre-school, to Linvilla Orchards, where she and her yellow-shirted classmates went on hayrides and frolicked amongst the produce.

We even did dinner slightly earlier than usual, leaving plenty of time for the kids to make a big dent in the new DVD that had arrived in the mail via Netflix: Peter Pan. That sufficiently pre-occupied them so that Lee could catch up on bills and Amy could go for a run on the treadmill. In other words, not a bad day for us four.

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