Huang Family Newsletter, September 2009

Quite a month for the Huangs:

* We started it off by spending a relaxing week in Ocean City with Amy's parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.

* Lee went immediately from there to San Jose to see his parents. (They're recovering nicely and are prepping themselves, from a care and housing standpoint, for my mom's return home.)

* The day after Lee returned, he attended a one-day leadership conference in Philadelphia.

* The day after that, we headed to Whiting for the weekend for a church retreat.

* Jada started at her new school the next day.

* The next weekend, the kids got a day trip to Easton and the Crayola Factory.

* The next week, Amy started her clinical rotation in the Philadelphia prisons.

Whew! Thankfully, there was just enough time in all of that to decompress from it all, whether by taking leisurely walks through the Penn campus, sneaking in some much-needed weekend afternoon naps, petting the stray cat that made its home on our front porch for a couple of weeks, or eating smiley-face pancakes at the neighborhood diner.
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