Into my already busy life has come crashing in a number of stresses that have finally caught up to me. Of course, the main one was an actual crash, that of my family members, which has led to two trips to California, countless phone calls, and immeasurable anxiety.

The last two months have also brought day trips to Baltimore, New York City, Harrisburg, and Easton, a weekend church retreat, and a week at the Jersey Shore. We have Jada in a new school, we’re transitioning a new pastor into our church, our summer-long home renovations have largely come to a head, Amy is starting a new clinical rotation in the prisons, and work has been crazy.

Needless to say, I’ve been pretty worn out. I did not know if it was possible to go from tired to more tired to most tired, but it has happened. And so it was more out of necessity than any intentional action on my part that I actually took it a little easy this past weekend. I curled into bed with a stack of magazines and crossword puzzles before 8pm all three nights, one morning I slept all the way to 7am, and I hardly looked at our home computer. My to-do list for the weekend went largely untouched in favor of long family walks and even longer afternoon naps.

Nevertheless, I still feel like I’m in a sleep deficit. So the world may have to continue to spin without me for a little bit longer while I recharge some more.
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