With Onions or On The Onion

Obesity is a hot topic issue with many implications for policy, race, class, and the list goes on. It's something I should blog about more than I do, which is currently almost never.

But if you want insightful commentary, go to Megan McArdle's blog, where she's posted a lot of late about obesity and health care reform; or talk to Philly's own Ivan Juzang of MEE Productions, which has done some really good work in the African-American community around health education.

As for me and as for today, I offer to you for your consideration a sandwich from KFC in which the bread has been replaced by (wait for it) chicken: "New KFC 'Double Down' Dumps the Bun." Yes, that's right, cheese, bacon, and sauce are now safely tucked in between two breaded patties.

I keep waiting for someone to tell me this is an article from satire magazine The Onion, but it appears this is for real. Lord have mercy on our arteries! Would someone in Nebraska or Rhode Island (the first two test markets) chime in and let me know what sort of sensation this is causing?
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