Together We Can Save the World

Tom Friedman is spot-on in his column this week when he says the solvers of today's biggest problems all need to work together:

"We’re trying to deal with a whole array of integrated problems — climate change, energy, biodiversity loss, poverty alleviation and the need to grow enough food to feed the planet — separately. The poverty fighters resent the climate-change folks; climate folks hold summits without reference to biodiversity; the food advocates resist the biodiversity protectors. They all need to go on safari together."

Easier said than done. But still worth doing. At least, let's let go of going on our individual crusades for the sake of our own glory, which then impedes us from partnering with groups we've decided to label as the enemy to make us feel better about ourselves. Given today's complex and inter-connected world, that sort of prideful short-sightedness does more harm than good. For the sake of our children and their children, let's do right, even and especially when it means making for strange bedfellows, rather than look good by saying we're right and everyone else is wrong, all the while blowing our chance to actually make a difference.
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