Family Update

I'll keep the details sparse to respect my family's request for privacy, but I did want to report out on a few things related to my recent trip to San Jose to them:

* My parents are both in good spirits. Both are making progress each day, and we are looking ahead to having them both home eventually, albeit with some adjustments that will need to be made, some temporary and some permanent, to accommodate them.

* My sister has been outstanding in her coordination and thoroughness regarding care, insurance issues, and other logistics. I pray peace and endurance and healing for her as well.

* Many thanks to all who helped us. I should've known that when you ask the Taiwanese community for food, you get it in abundance. And we also received child care in abundance, which came in handy given how busy I was shuttling between hospitals and tending to various responsibilities.

It was good to see everyone but good to return home to Philadelphia. Despite how tiring and sad it was, this first trip back was a successful and meaningful one, as well. I'm sure we'll be back many times over the next couple of years. Thanks to all for your concern, your support, and your prayers.
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