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Of my many go-to websites, CNN had been my news source. But I'm tiring quickly of what counts as "news" on their main page. Here are some of the main "Latest News" links from last night (there are 13 below, out of 21 total links):

* New speculation about 'Jon & Date'
* Anderson Cooper interviews Obama in castle
* Seacrest signs major deal for 'Idol'
* CNNMoney: Best small towns in U.S.
* Where is Jackson's brain? Was nose fake? (Video)
* Man sorry kin made boy, 6, work
* Visitors get clear view down from 103 stories up
* Olympic hopeful opens brothel to pay for training
* 50,000 bees check into luxury hotel (Video)
* 3-legged sheep scoots on new wheels (Video)
* Texting teen falls into manhole (Video)
* 'Half-Blood' finds Potter crew closer to end
* iReport.com: Bottoms up for mass mooning

Slow news day? Feeding the masses what they really long for? Or just poor prioritization on CNN's part?

And, one more question: what should my new go-to news site be? Finalists so far, which I've been dabbling in and am now set to make the full switch to: 1) Reuters, 2) BBC, and 3) Bloomberg.
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