Philly's More Fun When You Move Here and Get Your First Job

I'm late to this but still wanted to post a link to an Apartments.com ranking of best cities for new college grads in which Philadelphia ranked second only to Indianapolis. This is based on highest concentration of young adults, number of jobs requiring less than one year of experience, and average rent for a one-bedroom apartment. (By the way, $1,034 seems high for Philly, given that we charged far less than that for our spacious third-floor apartment during the seven years we rented it out. Maybe we undercharged!)

Another metric they should've included was some reflection of fun things for young people to do, whether bars, service organizations, or attractions. If they had done that, Philly likely would have taken first prize: no offense to Indy's night life or density of cool places to hang out, but I'd have to think Philly's has all but New York and Chicago beat among the top ten cities in that regard. Yet more proof that Philly doesn't have to be so uncool after all among the hip young set.
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