The Future of Business is Here

I have always taken pride in my affiliation with The Enterprise Center, and wanted to use this space to express my particular happiness on the heels of our board's annual meeting earlier this week. Having worked there for ten years, I know how hard the work is; and, having now been on the board there for three years, I am involved in a different way, hardly able to keep up with it all even at a relative distance.

Instead of the usual program updates by the various staffers, we heard directly from participating clients. I was moved by the confident testimony of a high school student whose experience in our youth program gave her a sense of assurance and purpose well beyond her years. I found out our center got an award from the US Department of Commerce for helping clients receive the highest aggregate amount of procurements among government-affiliated minority entrepreneurship centers. I heard about exciting new neighborhood retail, real estate, and business development initiatives.

In short, it was a typical board meeting at The Enterprise Center. But that doesn't mean I can't take a moment to give a shout out.
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