Family Update

Some more updates and thoughts:

* My parents have asked me to tone down the info on all this. They're very private people, so me blabbing on and on about their medical situations is uncomfortable for them and impairing their ability to communicate to others on their terms. I'm modifying my past and future posts accordingly.

* For those of you who are near enough to be able to visit or help and who have reached out to do something, thank you. At this point, all the help they need is being given to them by the good people at the hospital. Soon enough, though, my sister and my dad will be out and about, and eventually my mom as well, and all will still be in need of a lot of support. So if you're fixing to lend a hand, hold tight for a minute and there will be ample opportunities in the near future.

* I finally got to talk to my dad. He reminded me that my primary responsibility was to my own wife and kids, and even cracked a few jokes, so between giving me fatherly instruction and flashing his sharp wit, he's in good shape mentally. I'm reminded of the time I was 10 or 11 and he and I got into a car accident on the way home from baseball practice. A guy had run a red light and smashed into our car, spinning it round and round. Between the violence of the collision and the bleeding head wound my dad sustained, I was terrified. My dad's immediate concern, of course, was with me. Being a dad now, I understand that kind of instinctual reaction, to protect our children above ourselves, and appreciate my own dad and what he demonstrated in that incident all the more.

* My daughter, for whom neither empathy nor communication are strong points, nevertheless is very attuned to when her parents are upset about something. And, between all the crying and serious talking on our side late at night, she's having a little trouble falling asleep. She's learning a few important things now, like that Mama and Dada can be sad sometimes too.

* As noted yesterday, I have been overcome by people's responses. Many have sent well wishes, and some have shared profoundly personal stories. I am reminded of how rich we are in relationships, and am humbled and thankful.

That's all I got for now. Thanks to all.
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