Blurbs Not in Real Time

Blurbs perhaps worthy of a Facebook update or Twitter tweet, if only I owned a mobile phone or laptop with Web access; that these are listed below not in real time probably defeats the fun of me posting them and you reading them, but here goes:

* The new phone etiquette: I know not to call anyone before 9a or after 9p, but I'm now realizing that when I send emails at 5a, I'm waking up friends who have their Blackberries by their bedside.

* Overheard at a motivational seminar: "If my wife ever leaves me, I'm going with her." Amen to that.

* A college friend of mine said it best: "The last universally performed courtesy in America is the tacit passing of beer and cash up and down the row at a ballgame."

* My wife making me mashed potatoes AND fruit salad AND pineapple sorbet is the culinary equivalent of walking into the bedroom wearing lingerie, a smile, and nothing else.

* Note to self: continue to go to Please Touch Museum first thing Saturday morning. Decision to try Saturday afternoon meant sharing the place with 10,000 other parents and kids. Way. Too. Crowded.

* Recent trips to Baltimore yield the following personal opinions: better than expected - Walters Art Museum, Peabody Library; not better than expected - Baltimore Aquarium, Lexington Market.

* Apparently, I do not learn my lesson: I have sent an email message and then subsequently regretted it far too many times in my life. Including today.

* Why isn't Hillary Clinton getting more accolades for effectively running State, not bringing palace intrigue into the Obama White House, and knowing the fine line between exploiting her rock star status and deferring to her boss?

* When I am on a particularly good book, my whole world revolves around getting back to it.

* I just got home from carrying my daughter 3/4 of a mile on my shoulders from school, after working a 10-hour day, preceded by carrying my daughter 3/4 of a mile on my shoulders to school. And, for her, I'll do it again tomorrow.
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