Philly in the Middle

With many in California and other parts of the country eagerly anticipating the introduction of high-speed rail, I am all the more pleased to be living in the City of Brotherly Love. You see, our firm has, for the past year or so, sought to expand its footprint, and slowly but surely we are moving in that direction, with actual or potential client work in such places as New York City, Baltimore, and Harrisburg. Thankfully for me, given that I have two small children who I like to see in both the morning and the evening, each of these three locations is very doable as a day trip within a normal business day. And all without setting foot in a car.

I used to think that when people said one of Philly's selling points was that it was near so many other big cities, I thought it somewhat of a backhanded insult. But it is a true statement, and a feather in Philly's cap, a huge competitive advantage in a world that seeks to become less auto-reliant even as it needs to become more interconnected.
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