Huang Family Newsletter, May 2009

Kids - Jada and Aaron’s first cousin arrives next month, so Amy and Jada attended Aunt Nicol’s shower while Lee and Aaron hung out with Matt and the other men. Lee’s sister, Lee-May, spent a week with us, so we took her to all of our usual haunts and also made a special trip to Longwood Gardens to see family on Lee’s side. Two free Philly events – one at the Carousel House and one at the Mann Music Center – plus a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese all proved irresistible to us, and we milked them for all the family fun and free stuff that we could. Finally, Amy took the kids on a midweek overnighter to Ocean City to stay with friends of ours from church - a pretty stressful outing for Amy and a little sliver of sanity for Lee.

Adults – Amy aced her final exam and thus her class; her reward was three weeks off before starting up her summer class on physiology. She also managed to coordinate speech and behavioral services for Aaron and Jada, spruce up our front yard garden, and paint Jada’s new bedroom. Lee's work brought him to Harrisburg, New York City, and Trenton, all easy day trips and none requiring a car. They're both gearing up to put their heads together this summer on a flurry of long overdue home improvements and furnishings.
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