A Carbon Tax: That's Right

In response to the current cap and trade legislation on the table, two gutsy Republicans are calling for a carbon tax: "Republican Lawmakers Back Carbon Tax (Yes, That's Right).". Indeed, that's right: triple entendre intended.

We on the Right have become so knee-jerk about our loathing of taxes that we are losing legitimate opportunities to use taxes and tax hikes. And we've become so incensed by apocalyptic warnings about global warming that we've forgotten all the other negative externalities that can be helped solved by a more proper price on carbon. And we're so nervous about associating with a tax in the midst of the worst recession in two generations that we're willing to allow our current and unsustainable way of doing business to continue and given no break to those who have gotten ahead of the curve and retooled themselves for a post-petroleum, environmentally green economy.

So kudos to Representatives Inglis and Flake for sticking their necks on the line. Of course, they will be vilified by both the Left and the Right. Sad, since their stance achieves what the Left wants and is completely true to what the Right is about. Sadly, no good deed, it seems, goes unpunished.
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