Green Works in Philadelphia

I missed its much-anticipated rollout yesterday, but wanted to post a link to the City of Philadelphia's "Greenworks Philadelphia" guide. I like the alliteration - Energy, Environment, Equality, Economy, Engagement - and I appreciate the sweat equity that has been put in by so many paid and unpaid laborers towards these and other Green Economy efforts here in Philadelphia.

Hey, everyone's trying to jump on this topic; one of the things that distinguishes our attempts is that they tap into the quintessentially Philadelphian spirit of volunteerism. (Think Ben Franklin's volunteer fire companies and philosophical societies, or the 1997 summit on mentoring.) That, plus a high-density/mixed-use/transit-served built environment and a world-class water department are what we're going to march forward with, not only to help save Planet Earth but distinguish ourselves in the race against other global cities for profits and people. Kudos to the Mayor and his Office of Sustainability for putting forth a framework to guide some of that effort.
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