Double Reminder

It had been a long day at the end of a long week. The weather bordered on absurd: bright as day, ominously dark clouds in the distance, wind gusting here and there, and a steadily increasing downpour. As I fought the elements, a stroller that wouldn't seem to roll straight, and an umbrella that kept flipping inside out, I couldn't help but sigh aloud at the spectacle of it all.

My kids, purer in thought than I, had other things in mind. "Rainbow!" squealed Jada, and requested that I turn the stroller around so she can get a better look without having to crane her neck underneath the see-through tarp that was draped over her and Aaron. Aaron mimicked his sister's cry, and pointed, and rose in his enthusiasm as he saw Jada get more excited.

I took the opportunity to tell them that rainbows are God's reminder to us that He will always love us (Genesis 9:8-17). I turned around to look myself, and noticed that it wasn't just any rainbow, but a double rainbow. One for the kids, I suppose, and one for me, an apt reminder that even at the end of a tiring week and in the midst of strange and battering weather, He loves me too.
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