We're Getting There

In case you missed it, here's an op-ed co-written by a respected non-profit leader (who happens to be one of our favorite clients) and one of our City Council members: "SEPTA is Our Key to Green Future." When I first came to Philly for college, SEPTA's motto was "We're Getting There." And I wasn't even sure if that ironic saying was even apt: service was sub-par, safety wasn't guaranteed, and funding woes made it look like maybe they're weren't actually going in the right direction.

But with dedicated funding via Act 44 and a new leader at the helm, combined with a new and cooperative City administration as well as heightened environmental realities, our much-maligned transit authority has stepped up. And the op-ed is right on: SEPTA is the key to a region that is competitive, sustainable, and attractive.

We can get this right, Philly. We can capitalize on our "bones," make our neighborhoods safer and prettier, and move people around with earth-saving efficiency. This time, we really are "getting there."
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