Weaving Something Beautiful Together

A really nice piece - on the very top of the front page of the University City Review, no less - on our church's Lenten Series: "Woodland Church Weaves Together a New Way of Doing Lent." "Weave" is an apt word, as the story has two strings to it:

* One is about Josina, our Children, Youth, and Family Director, is leading a massive art project whereby people write prayer requests on plastic bags and we weave them together into a rug, which will signify God taking trash and turning into treasure.

* One is about how our congregation, which is pretty ethnically diverse in its own right, is co-hosting three Sunday suppers with two other congregations which meet in our facility; which means that sandwiching our dinner will be one hosted by a Chinese congregation and one hosted by our Ethiopian congregation. (Noodles and injera bread, here we come!)

We may be motley, and we may be fraying, and we may not always be that pretty to look at. But we are Woodland, and we are God's. Come join us!
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