Two of Those Christians

I appreciated the wisdom and sentiment expressed in a recent post by a colleague of mine about a new avenue he has for proclaiming his faith: "One of THOSE Christians." Having recently "outed" myself at a conference, I can certainly resonate with where Bruce is coming from.

The fact of the matter is that the world is watching. What will they see in our words, our actions, our vocations, our pursuits? Are we indistinguishable from others? Are we indistinguishable from the negative archetypes that so easily come to mind? Or are we compelling in our faith, our peace, our activism?

If Christians have a bad rep, we largely deserve it. And if those who are watching us cannot see traces of our Savior, shame on us. Would that our Refiner continue to refine us, until He and others can see His image reflected in our lives.
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