My Trendy Kids

Apparently my kids are both part of trends related with international adoptions, at least according to this Philadelphia Inquirer article, which profiles a local couple who started down the China process and ended up with a Taiwanese baby. Jada's 2005 adoption from China represents that country's high water mark in terms of volume to the US; since then, the Chinese government has become more restrictive, more Chinese families have stepped forward to adopt, and the process has lengthened considerably. And before Aaron's 2007 adoption from Taiwan, there weren't a whole lot of babies in need of one-way tickets to the US; but last year, 267 made just such a trip as adopted children.

Meanwhile, South Korea is phasing its program out by 2015, Russia is cleaning up its act and its numbers are therefore down as they get more deliberate, and Guatemala is on hiatus until further notice. As the article notes, "the once-stable universe of international adoption has turned upside down." All the more reason for us to be grateful our two are already right side up in our home.
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