Why the Facebook-Hating

I'm not sure I understand all the recent Facebook-hating. Here's a quote from a recent CNN article: "In response, Chris Walters wrote in the Consumerist post, 'Make sure you never upload anything you don't feel comfortable giving away forever, because it's Facebook's now.'"

Ummm . . . don't people realize that should always be the case? We have become so cavalier about posting pictures, comments, and sensitive information about ourselves, and allowing them to float around in cyberspace; and because Facebook says they're going to archive it for possible future use, we get up in arms?

Never mind that you posting it in the first place allows anyone, with far less transparency or self-interest to stay on the up and up, to grab that video, photo, or text, and use it against you. But no, as soon as big bad Facebook says it's not going to delete your content along with your account, now all of a sudden, we get all worked up about privacy?

Call me a hopeless square, but sometimes I just don't get this generation.
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