Sloshy Day for Errands

Several inches of snow overnight, followed by freezing rain all day, turning streets and sidewalks into slush. Sounds like a good day to run five errands and hit two separate meetings downtown with a dash home in between, huh? Here was six hours spent on January 28:

7:35a-7:45a – Throw the kids in the car and drive them to day care. Yes, we live a mile away and it took 10 minutes; that’s how treacherous the roads were.

7:45a-7:50a – Get the kids out of the car and down the street to day care, fumbling with hats and gloves and scarves and snacks all along the way.

7:50a-7:55a – Drive the car a ½ mile down the street to get the oil changed.

7:55a-8:00a – Leave the car and keys @ Firestone.

8:00a-8:05a – Walk three sloshy blocks to the post office.

8:05a-8:10a – Mail a package and buy stamps.

8:10a-8:15a – Walk one sloshy block to 30th Street Station.

8:15a-8:20a – SEPTA from 30th Street to 15th Street.

8:20a-8:25a – Buy tokens @ SEPTA store.

8:25a-8:30a – Walk three sloshy blocks to Center for Architecture.

8:30a-9:35a – Sustainable Business Network meeting.

9:35a-9:40a – Walk two sloshy blocks to Chinatown.

9:40a-9:45a – Hit the pastry store and the grocery store.

9:45a-9:50a – Walk two sloshy blocks to the 11th Street Station.

9:50a-10:00a – SEPTA from 11th Street to 46th Street.

10:00a-10:10a – Walk five sloshy blocks to home.

10:10a-11:10a – Wait for contractor.

11:10a-11:40a – Do walk-through with contractor.

11:40a-11:50a – Walk five sloshy blocks to Radio Shack.

11:50a-11:55a – Exchange item @ Radio Shack.

11:55a-12:00p – Walk two sloshy blocks to 40th Street Station.

12:00-12:10p – SEPTA from 40th Street to 15th Street.

12:10p-12:15p – Walk two sloshy blocks to 15th and Walnut.

12:15p-1:30p – Center City Proprietors’ Association meeting.
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