Simple Size Me

I've copied below a quick message from a friend of mine who has made
me aware of a website - www.simplesizeme.com - that a colleague of
hers has set up to raise $1 million for various hunger-related
projects and organizations, including Fruit of the Vine International,
which was started by my late friend's wife and which supports
orphanages in her native Kenya. Please consider giving and fasting.


Hello Everyone,
A friend of FVI, Ryan Kellermeyer is doing a rice & water fast to
raise awareness and money for hunger related projects and
organizations. Ryan's goal is to raise $1million dollars during his
fast.One of the organizations featured is CLF's own Fruit of the Vine
International.The site is pretty cool as Ryan features a daily video
journal about his fast. Please do three things 1) check out the
website every day to vote for FVI 2) Please donate to help raise money
for the hungry 3) Please pass this email along to everyone you know
who may wish to support!

here is a very powerful video depicting the depth and need fro hunger
relief .. http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=67564532432&h=oqWPB&u=56Cwl
Please don't forget to check out for an opportunity to donate money
to Fruit of the Vine International! http://www.fviministries.org/
Grace & Peace,

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