Meet Market

When a dear friend of mine from the New York City area surprised me
this weekend with the news that he was going to be in Center City and
could I meet up with him, my first thought was "of course" and my
second thought was "meet me at Reading Terminal Market." My kids and
I go fairly often, and while the place offers hundreds of food items
to choose from, we invariably end up with a lassi (smoothie) from
Nanee's and the #1 (fried rice, potstickers, and egg roll) at Sang
Kee. So I brought them along, and my friend's wife and two kids ended
up making the day trip as well.

Not long after we all met up, we bumped into General Manager Paul
Steinke, one of Philadelphia's true renaissance men. I proudly
introduced my friends to Paul and told them what a wonderful job he's
done with the Market, and I proudly told Paul I could think of no
better place to meet my friends from the north. And I wasn't
stretching the truth on either boast, not with the Market absolutely
jam-packed on a Saturday afternoon.

So whether you spring a visit on me on short notice or give me lots of
lead time, it's likely you'll also get to partake in the wonder that
is Reading Terminal Market. Just make sure you bring an eager stomach
and an unclogged nose.

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