Huang Family Newsletter, January 2009

Adults – Amy was hoping to jump right into the workforce but was
informed she first has to take three more classes at Penn (it's a long
story). So she's bummed at the delay but glad to have the chance to
learn and network; although classes so far have been brutally hard.
Lee's been pretty busy at work, but one of his gigs brought him back
to the US Virgin Islands, where he got to unwind after his final
presentation by going to the beach for much needed decompression time.

Kids – We took the kids to San Jose to spend two enjoyable weeks with
my parents. While we were out there, we all went to Merced to see my
sister and her husband's new digs. Since returning, we're getting
back to the routine of day care and adding in various appointments:
Aaron has behavioral therapy once a week, and we won our appeal with
the insurance company to get Jada at least 12 weeks of speech therapy.

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