Green for Breakfast, Green for Lunch

Yesterday, I attended not one but two “green” related meetings. I was invited to a breakfast gathering of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, which had brought Oakland’s Van Jones to town last year and was reconvening to see how breakout committees had done in the interim. Apparently, Philadelphia is being bandied about as a “model” city when it comes to grassroots activism around “green” jobs, which is nice to see for a quintessentially old, industrial town.

For lunch, I attended a brown bag gathering hosted by the Center City Proprietors’ Association, which brought in Fred Glick of US Spaces to talk about how to better green your life and business. I may have gotten in a little trouble when I expressed my hatred of Apple and my opinion that higher gas and utilities prices are a good thing, but hopefully my comments contributed to a stimulating discussion.

All in all, it was an informative and inspiring day. Of course, I topped it all off by having – what else? – greens for dinner.
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