Here in California, there are many reminders that we are far from home. One is three doors down from my parents' home. A house is for sale that is less than half the size of ours in Philadelphia, and yet takes up well over three times the lot size. And it's listing for ten times what we bought our house for eight years ago, and almost three times what we could probably sell our house for today.

Granted, the public schools where I grew up are outstanding, and some people would prefer having less house and more yard. But it strikes me as wacky that, if we decided to move out to San Jose and buy that house, we'd have to deal with half the space, tons more outdoor maintenance, and double or triple the car mileage . . . and somehow scrounge up well over ten times the mortgage we currently pay. So for now, SJ remains a great place to visit, but Philly's still our home.
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