In case you were wondering (I'm almost certain you weren't), I'm pleased as punch with Obama's picks so far: solid right-leaning economists, Clintonistas who remember what happens when you overreach, and a national security team that understands just how dangerous the world is.

A note about the last point. Obviously, it's hard to disentangle the circus that is the Clintons from their actual qualifications. But consider two things: 1) Chelsea Clinton was in Manhattan when the planes hit, so Hillary gets that terrorism is a terrible, fearsome thing that demands our vigilance and our attention. 2) Bill has dealt with world leaders as a president and through his Clinton Global Initiative, so how's that for the spouse of a Secretary of State?

Obama has demonstrated three really important leadership characteristics. First, he understands what's important. Second, he picks good people. And third, he is charismatic enough to get them to say yes to his call to service. In short, from where I'm standing, the Obama administration is off to a very good start.
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