A nice post over at Discovering Urbanism on David Brooks' commentary on Barack Obama's infrastructure plans. (Yes, I realize the absurdity of offering a commentary on a commentary on a commentary.) Just as President Eisenhower's Interstate Highway Act literally shaped American life for 50 years - for better and worse - so we are possibly on the brink of big national actions that will have a similar effect for a similar time period.

Think, for a moment, of how momentous this fork in the road is. You have a President-elect from urban Chicago, demographic shifts that are moving the country southward and westward, climate change and $4 a gallon gas causing people to re-think their opinions on cities and density, and, by the way, the worst economic slowdown since the Great Depression. Could all of this possibly be more interesting? I'm telling you, we will be telling our grandkids about this. (And you wonder why I blog so much; I'm afraid I otherwise won't remember!) Stay tuned and stay involved.
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