As much as I try to stay in touch with my parents in California, they’re still a little fuzzy about what I do for a living. To help rectify this problem, I’m giving them a copy of the inaugural issue of a publication produced by Greg Byrnes called “Greater Philadelphia: Projects, Markets, Trends, and Trendsetters.” (Full disclosure: my boss and I are both guest contributors. His entry, on historic preservation, is a lot better written than mine, and my unbridled optimism about the local real estate market may not only peg me as a lunatic but call the entire issue into question!)

As I flipped through the publication last month, I marveled at how many projects/clients and issues were profiled that I had had the good fortune of being able to work on at work this past year:

• Projects/clients – American Commerce Center, Navy Yard, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Comcast Center, Cira Centre

• Issues – Creative Economy, historic preservation, transit-oriented development, mixed-use development

My parents are still probably going to scratch their heads, but at least they have some inkling as to the things that keep me busy from 8 to 6 each weekday. As for the inevitable follow-up question – “And are you enjoying yourself,” my response is an unequivocal “Yes!”
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