Snow Falling through My Kids' Eyes

In my haste this morning, I barely caught a glimpse of the snow
falling lightly down from the sky. Whatever space was left in the
part of my brain not devoted to the morning's tasks (get clothes on
the kids and breakfast in them) and that day's work to-do's (meetings,
deadlines) tended to practical matters: was it snowing hard enough to
need our stroller cover or umbrella for our walk to day care, would I
need to salt the sidewalk, if it's too slippery I may not be able to
run outside tomorrow morning.

My kids had an entirely different response. "Oooh, it's snowing,"
shrieked my daughter, as she tore down the hallway, ripped open the
inside door, and shoved her face into the window in our front door to
look outside. Her little brother dutifully followed behind and did
the same. "Dad, it's snowing!" She darted over to me and then back
to the door, prancing all the way. When we were finally ready to head
out the door, rather than stalling, both Aaron and Jada burst outside,
taking in all the sights and tastes.

Oh, to see more of my day through my kids' eyes: innocence and wonder,
untainted by practicality and cynicism. Jesus says that only those
who receive His kingdom like a little child will enter it; today, my
kids modeled for me what it was like to receive one beautiful
morning's worth of that kingdom.

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