Twelve years ago, Amy and I led 20+ students on a 5-day work project at the Whosoever Gospel Mission. We worked alongside the residents there, attended chapel with them, and slept on site. It was a powerful trip for many, to immerse themselves in a truly urban experience, to see substance addiction close up, and to see men battle with real sin in their quest to walk with Jesus.

I tried to stay in touch with the leaders there, good guys as they are, but it had been several years since I had kept up. So it was nice to see this article in the paper earlier this week, about how the Mission was reopening after a devastating fire in 2006. I wasn't even aware of the fire, but the story made complete sense to me, because I've always thought of the Mission as a place of second chances and of rebirth.

So here's to the good people at Whosoever Gospel Mission, and to anyone that helped in getting it back up and running again. God is still in the business of calling people out of destructive behavior and into relationship with Him. And the Mission is one of those places where that call is going forth and being responded to on a daily basis.
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