Interesting juxtaposition of two articles on China on page A4 of today's Inky: "In Today's China, Money Talks: Economy Trumps Ideology as Nation Redefines Itself" and "Global Adoption by US Off 12%." China's remarkable economic rise has all sorts of implications, and not just in the economic realm (although, to be sure, there's more than enough to talk about just there, as a global recession has leaders from all over the world holding their breath to see if China's ravenous appetite can continue to sustain their economies).

As a hundred million people are lifted out of poverty and another hundred or so million people are lifted into the middle class, human rights violations abound and newfound spirituality is diluted by an even newer affliction of materialism. And what will become of baby girls abandoned by parents seeking a son to carry on the family name? Will there be less abandoned in the first place? Will more Chinese families decide to adopt babies from their own provinces? Will the world's increasing attention on China cause legions of "unadoptable" babies to languish in even more secrecy, or will the cover be blown on such forgotten orphanages? Keep your eye on this mighty nation, and not just for economic reasons.
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