When you get a room full of CEOs to agree on anything, let alone a tax hike, you know you've got something. And yet there was near unanimity on the merits of a gas tax hike, according to the Wall Street Journal's blog. All of the points I've made before are there: make it revenue neutral for low-income people, reinvest it in infrastructure, encourage energy efficient solutions, and so on and so on.

I love how many of these articles are popping up, and how each of them talks about how this proposal is politically dead on arrival. The fact that this is political suicide isn't just speculation, I grant you; if it can shipwreck the left-leaning candidate in Canada, you know it's politically toxic.

But you know what else is a death wish? Pushing our natural resources and our climate to the brink. Building an economy and a quality of life around a substance that is mostly controlled by unstable and unfriendly governments. Waiting for more highways and bridges to collapse. The CEOs, as ruthlessly focused on the short-term bottom line as any group possibly could be, get this. Will our politicians, and will us citizenry who can vote them in and out?
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