I'm not sure what you do for fun on the weekend, but I play with spreadsheets. Here's some interesting info on the US auto industry, courtesy of Carpe Diem (the first visual is his, the second two are mine).

Some other tidbits about UAW employees at Daimler Chrysler:

* As you can see from the third visual, total compensation was flat during the Bush I and Clinton years (i.e. going down in real terms) but up sharply during Bush II's years (i.e. far outpacing inflation)

* From 1991-2006 - inflation was up 48% (2.65% per year), wages were up 69% (3.55% per year), and health care was up 207% (7.75%/year)

* The typical employee is 45, has worked at Daimler Chrysler for 15 years, and has 34.5 days of paid time off (17.5 days of vacation and 17 days of holidays)
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