Yo! Philly's More Fanatic

Fox couldn't cut fast enough from the Obama informercial to their
World Series telecast. I guess when you get your 37-minute pregame
show cut to 7 minutes, there's no time to waste. But it provided a
beautiful contrast: the Obama spot ended with 40,000+ Floridians
screaming for their man, and the World Series program started with
40,000+ Philadelphians screaming for their team. Guess which group
was more raucous - by far? Remember, this is 40,000+ Floridians
packed indoors, at the end of an inspiring speech, vs. 40,000+
Philadelphians spread out outdoors, some 7 minutes from the start of
the game. God, I love this town; Philly may be as blue as it gets on
the electoral map, but for one magic night, it was rowdy red.
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