What Am I Working On

Here's my quarterly update on new things I've been working on at work
since the last update on June 20 (you can read past posts for my
ground rules on these quarterly updates):

* Helping the US Virgin Islands with crafting economic development
strategy in general and with evaluating tax incentive applicants in

* Determining how much public subsidy is needed to make feasible a
proposed mixed-use development in an older, struggling municipality

* Evaluating a statewide tourism marketing effort from a programmatic
and economic standpoint

* Estimating the effect on future tax revenues of proposed legislation
to provide additional exemptions for small businesses

* Assessing the feasibility of a proposed office building that seeks
public subsidy to located in an economically distressed neighborhood

* Estimating the economic, fiscal, and intangible impact of a proposed
mixed-use development located near a transit stop in an underserved
urban neighborhood

* Making the case for transit-oriented development in older, urban settings

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