I've rooted for the Oakland Raiders all my life. The 70's and 80's were great, we had some moments in the 90's, and the first part of this decade looked promising. And then I made the mistake of breaking from my routine that got them all the way to the Super Bowl in 2003. I chose to watch the game, not alone in my living room, where I could play defense, but at our church's annual Super Bowl party.

I had intended to leave at halftime to hedge my bets, but it was 20-3 by then already. I must confess that I actually thought this thought as I was leaving (remember, this is a church event): "Some really bad karma going on here." (I have since retracted this statement. Yes, God is even God of the 2003 Super Bowl.)

Not much has gone right since then for the Silver and Black. I haven't had much time to follow them this year, but from what I have gathered, we've been blowing leads late and management is a mess. Ever the optimist, I've always had a "we were close" or "we'll get 'em next week" spirit about this season.

But this photo below pretty much seals my pessimism. Ladies and gentlemen, the coach and the owner of your Oakland . . . RRRRRRRRRRaiders! (Or, the way Al Davis is snarling into the camera, should it be, "YAR-aiders"?)

PS That's Lane Kiffin on the left. Recently departed. The new coach, Tom Cable - I guarantee - will not lose a game this Sunday. Of course, the Raiders have a bye, so that's the real reason. But we build from wherever we can.
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