NBA Predictions

Hoops has been dropped from my interests for years. And, obviously,
the Phillies have caught my attention much deeper into the year than
usual. But what's the fun of missing the chance to make bad
predictions? So here goes another installment of my NBA predictions:

Atlantic: 3 Celtics, 5 Raptors, 7 76ers
Central: 1 Cavaliers, 4 Pistons, 6 Bulls
Southeast: 2 Magic, 8 Wizards
Northwest: 1 Jazz, 4 Blazers
Pacific: 3 Lakers, 8 Suns
Southwest: 2 Hornets, 5 Spurs, 6 Rockets, 7 Mavericks
1st Round: Cavs, Magic, Bulls, Raptors, Jazz, Hornets, Lakers, Blazers
2nd Round: Cavs, Magic, Jazz, Hornets
Finals: Cavs over Jazz

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