Happy For

Funny how the first championship in 25 years can lift a city's spirits.

I'm happy for Mayor Nutter, who gets to organize a parade in his first
year in office and, in a year in which he has had to make too many
announcements about cop killings and budget deficits, can proclaim
some good news for a change.

I'm happy for Brad "Lights Out" Lidge, who with one glorious pitch
slayed the demons of his past and forever etched his image in
Philadelphia lore.

I'm happy for Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz, who was much maligned for having
no pop in his bat but who guided each pitcher to success and surprised
us with a home run and the game-winning hit in Game 3.

I'm happy for Jamie "Old Man" Moyer, who cut class as a high school
kid to attend the Phillies' championship parade in 1980, vowed to sit
on the float someday, and, at age 45, finally gets his chance.

I'm happy for Jimmy "J-Roll" Rollins, who can call Philly fans
"front-runners" all he wants as long as he helps keep them in front.

I'm happy for Pat "The Bat" Burrell, who has endured more booing than
any other current Phillie, but who will always have a soft spot in my
heart because it was his minor league game in Trenton that provided
the forum for me to have "the conversation" with my then-future
father-in-law; and who last night ended a 0-13 slump with a 7th inning
double that would eventually lead to the winning run in the Series

I'm happy for Shane "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Victorino and Charlie
Manuel, who lost loved ones during this historic playoff run, and who
inspired us all as much as they drew inspiration from the fans and the

And I'm happy for my kids, who I may worry about many things for their
lives but now no longer have to worry that they'll never get to see a
championship parade during their childhood.

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