Philly got two mentions in American Planning Association's "Great Places in America" program: Society Hill was one of 10 "great neighborhoods" and Broad Street one of 10 "great streets." Here's what I would've nominated in the City of Brotherly Love:

Great neighborhoods - University City. Naturally.

Great streets - Ben Franklin Parkway. City Hall to the Art Museum.

Great public spaces - Franklin Square. Hello, carousel?

And some out-of-town nominees:

Great neighborhoods - Fruitvale, Oakland. TOD golden child, ethnic diversity Oaktown-style, and a short BART ride to anywhere in the Bay Area.

Great streets - Arbat Street, Moscow. Cobblestones, European architecture, and Russian street performers - what more could you want in a street.

Great public spaces - Millennium Park, Chicago. The shiny bean is a photo op magnet.
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