Apropos to nothing, I found a great urban run mapping tool at Runners' World's website. The only bad news is that, all this time, I've overestimated the mileage on two of my regular routes! (I guess I'll now have to circle my block a couple of times to get to the number of miles I previously thought I had been running.)

I haven't made my routes public because they all originate from my home address, but if you're curious, send me a note and I'll try to share them. I'm also looking forward to peeking in on others' routes, both here in Philly and in other cities where I get to run around.

It was inevitable that an app like this would be well-received by someone like me, who likes cities, running, and maps. Still, the delight I took in finding and then utilizing it was probably a little on the creepy side. Although I suppose there are more sketchy people that you could bump into on city streets than we who like to run on them and then log the route onto our computers.
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