Community in Action

Some scenes from our church's fall retreat. It's one thing to talk about community and wholly separate to see it in action. While we're far from perfect, individually or collectively, it was moving to look around the room while we worshipped God and see the fabric of our congregation.

There were people I know who have done things they've since regretted; people who've battled with depression and other demons; recently married folks snuggling and people who've been married a long time snuggling; and people of all ages, skin colors, and socioeconomic backgrounds. All of us singing to God and for God.

We've got our work cut out for us, broken and ragged as we are. But this past weekend, I got the sense that God is with us in that journey, however tired and wandering we are. This may not be your picture of Christian community, but it is a Christian community. Come join us!

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