A nice piece on Philly Fellows in today's Inquirer: "Their Calling: Reinvigorate the Region's Nonprofits." It's a potent combination for Philadelphia: match talented do-gooders with local service opportunities. The young college grads develop a stickiness with Philly, its communities, and its issues; and the non-profits shore up their constant deficits in staffing and energy.

Fortunately, this has not just been limited to Philly Fellows. Most notably, the Nutter Administration is replete with smart young staffers who bring a public interest perspective and a start-up mentality to their jobs each and every day.

Demographically, we need more of this to happen, lest we lose young'uns to other, more glamorous cities, and lest our charitable institutions atrophy as top management ages out. Let's hope the young among us mature well, ever hoping for the best, willing to do what it takes to make it happen, not discouraged by the occasional (OK, perennial) instance of "that's not how it's done" frumpiness or progress-stultifying bureaucracy.
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