As A Matter of Fact, I Am Ready For Football

The start of the football season brings the feel of crisp autumn air,
bone-crunching hits, and new footage to run on my treadmill to. My
beloved Raiders will hopefully make some noise on their way to 3rd
place in the AFC West and a respectable 6-10 record (hey, you gotta
start somewhere), and I'm otherwise rooting for an all-Pennsylvania
Super Bowl, homer that I am. Have fun watching the games and seeing
my predictions melt away by early October; since I don't watch until
the next morning, just don't tell me who won.

AFC W 3 San Diego 5 Denver
AFC N 2 Pittsburgh 6 Cincinnati
AFC S 4 Jacksonville
AFC E 1 New England

NFC W 1 Seattle
NFC N 4 Green Bay 6 Minnesota
NFC S 2 New Orleans
NFC E 3 Philadelphia 5 Dallas

WC Round: San Diego, Jacksonville, Green Bay, Philadelphia
Divisionals: Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Seattle
Super Bowl: Pittsburgh over Philadelphia

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