Earlier this decade, a friend of mine in Africa was trying to get me connected to some consulting work in Rwanda. "You'll love it there," she assured me, going on and on about the country's recovery from the chaos of the previous decade.

I was never able to close the deal with my potential client there, but I never stopped thinking about the country. Another, more high profile person than I, recently got to go there, and also had an optimistic interpretation of Rwanda's progress. None other than Cindy McCain wrote in today's Journal about the particularly inspiring work of the women in that country: "Rwanda's Women Are Leading the Way."

I remember thinking back in the 1990's that, fast forwarding 15 or so years, there might be a whole generation of PTSD-riddled adults who would never be the same for all they'd seen and experienced. That might still be the case; but I am heart-warmed by Ms. McCain's reminder that, even amidst the most unthinkable atrocities, people can still find a way to survive, forgive, and thrive.
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