When I first interviewed at Econsult, the principals I met with told me they prided themselves as being objective and fair in the midst of the most contentious of policy arguments. I have taken that approach from Day 1, and have been proud to uphold that standard, even as we've taken on some hot topics.

Just this month I've had the honor of taking part in two controversial debates. I presented on the potential residential real estate impacts of the proposed American Commerce Center, and estimated the potential fundraising damages associated with delays to the approval of the proposed American Revolution Center. In both cases, you do your best to contribute to the conversation, and take pride in being part of the process.

The irony is not lost on me, that both projects have "American" and "Center" in their names. However frustrating the democratic process can be sometimes in the technicalities of getting things done, I'm glad to live in a nation that has a process for back and forth, established forums for proposing plans, and ample avenues for disputing those proposals. No matter how these two projects play out, what a country.
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