What Am I Working On

Here's my quarterly update on new things I've been working on at work
since the last update on March 20 (you can read past posts for my
ground rules on these quarterly updates):

* Helping draft an agreement between a municipality and a transit
authority to coordinate land use, private development, and
infrastructure investment around two transit stops

* Determining how much public subsidy is needed to make feasible a
proposed office building in an older, struggling municipality

* Re-running the numbers for a tax increment financing analysis we did
two years ago, accounting for update projections on new developments
to be added within the district

* Analyzing the relative risk of foreclosure of city versus suburban houses

* Forecasting economic indicators related to the valuation of a local
suburban shopping mall

* Quantifying the economic impact of historic preservation initiatives

* Coming up with an algorithm to more efficiently calculate a
municipality's tax base

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