You know from my glowing talk about the City of Brotherly Love that I like where I live. But in case there was ever any doubt about whether I would move back to San Jose, where I grew up, in the near future, this listing settles it: 6476 Devonshire Drive. This house, which is smack dab between where I went to junior high and where I went to high school, has half the bedrooms and half the square footage of our Philadelphia home; and, oh by the way, it's listing for a hair under $1 million. $998,000 to be exact, but who's counting when you get that high? Pushing seven digits for a teeny house in my old hood is just not affordable for my family; contrast that to eight years ago, when we paid five digits for our home in University City. Looks like I'll be sniffing San Jose as a visitor, from my parents' house, not as a homeowner.
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